Code of Practice for Volunteer Organisations

To promote excellence in service & maximise the quality of volunteers' experience, the agency will:

  • Empower our volunteers to meet their own and agency needs
  • Offer volunteers work opportunities appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations
  • Provide volunteers with clear duty statements and orientation to their work and the agency
  • Offer training and support for volunteers to achieve personal and work goals
  • Implement procedures to safe-guard volunteer safety and well-being
  • Offer reimbursement or other compensation to cover out-of-pocket expenses
  • Recognise volunteers as valued team members, with opportunities to participate in relevant agency decisions
  • Provide mechanisms to acknowledge the value of contributions made by volunteers

This code of practice was developed by E. Kingsley and B. Tomlins for the South East Community Development Council, in conjunction with the Volunteer Centre of WA and the Lotteries Commission of WA 1992. Revised by Volunteering WA 2006.