Enhancing Access Project

Volunteering WA's Enhancing Access project was an exciting initiative aimed at supporting people with disabilities and other barriers to engage in volunteering. While the project itself has now finished we have incorporated a lot of the work from it into our Volunteer Services team. The project was successful in engaging people into volunteer positions. In fact, over the life of the project, Volunteering WA

  • provided Disability Awareness Training to 1577 people in Western Australia
  • directly supported 99 people into volunteering positions, including mentoring people for up to four weeks as necessary
  • supported 962 independent volunteers to find positions
  • distributed $52,900 in grants to VRCs and organisations committed to welcoming to people with disabilities and those recovering from mental illness into their volunteer rosters

Volunteering WA continues to be supportive of people with disabilities and those recovering from mental illness. However, due to funding restrictions, we are not able to provide the same level of support as during the project. As such, VWA will happily assist independent volunteers, and volunteers who have carers to accompany them in their volunteering efforts.

Volunteering WA wishes to express sincere thanks to Disability Services Commission and Lotterywest for their generosity in funding the Enhancing Access Project.

Enhancing Access E-learning Resource

If you would like to learn how to include people with disabilities or those recovering from mental ill health in your volunteer program – this is the resource for you! Find information on disability awareness, recruitment, and workplace access that will help you make your volunteer roster more diverse.

Disability Awareness E-learning Resource

enhancing Access Video