Board of Directors

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Dr Sue Boyd

"Everything worthwhile is achieved by people working with people, in our local communities, more broadly, and in countries all over the world. Whether it's hands-on help to a single person, or a group, or working on policies which create the frameworks for systems which support individuals and communities, at local, national or international levels. Volunteers save and change lives - and, in the process, often enrich their own lives! Without the massive efforts by volunteers our communities could not function. I salute all volunteers, from the youngest to the oldest, in Australia and throughout the world."

Craig Spencer

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John Poulsen

"Volunteering is a wonderful thing - it helps the cause that the volunteer is giving his or her time to, but equally importantly it helps the volunteer personally and helps to build well-being and a sense of worth to the volunteer."

Graham Lovelock

"In the under resourced retirement and aged care sector, volunteers are quite literally the lifeblood for many of the additional services and facilities provided to seniors in our community. If it wasn't for volunteers, many of these additional services just wouldn't be available for operators to offer."

Ian Reid

"Responsible citizens recognise that many different organisations and networks, across all sectors, contribute vitally to the shaping of our community. A volunteering activity, no matter how small, gives us at least some practical insight into this set of intricate social relationships. By working as volunteers we can see beyond headlines and slogans, acquiring an intimate knowledge of how the human world should function and what’s necessary if more of its members are going to thrive."

Bev East

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Peter Clough

"Today and every day the generous efforts and contribution of volunteers need support and recognition from us all - community, business and government. As well as a simple and genuine 'thank you' volunteers require excellent resourcing, management and protection to maximise the impact of their endeavours. I particularly draw attention to the dedication and tireless work of volunteers assisting people with a disability and young people enabling them to realise their potential and ensuring their inclusion and access to a quality of life most of us take for granted. Now, more than ever these and all volunteers need our support."

David Morrison

"Volunteering provides a multitude of benefits to all sectors of our community. Through their personal endeavours and passion, Australia’s 6.1 million volunteers make a significant and enduring contribution to building healthier, stronger and more connected communities. Organisations such as the bushfire brigades, ambulance services, sporting groups, SES, Surf Lifesaving and many other community based organisations could not carry out their vital roles without the dedication and hard work of their volunteers. Volunteering is personally rewarding and provides people of all ages and backgrounds with an opportunity to help others and give something back to their community. I have been a member of the Volunteering WA Board since October 2010, and I am very proud to be involved with a progressive organisation that is committed to strengthening volunteering in Western Australia and across the nation."

 Patria Jaffries

"Volunteers make the world go round and I am constantly humbled by the stories of support people give to others so freely and with great passion. We must honour volunteers for their extraordinary and in many cases, life saving, work. They are the unsung heroes of the community and I am very proud to be part of Volunteering WA and the work it does to promote volunteering in our great State".

 John Bockxmeer

"Volunteering allows everyday Australians to contribute in meaningful ways to their community. By volunteering we are able to connect with those around us to foster new and exciting skills and relationships. Thousands of young West Australians volunteer their time each year and I am passionate about ensuring this continues."