Volunteering in Western Australia

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become an active member of your community, while helping others and yourself. People volunteer for many different reasons. Some do it to meet new people, learn new skills, add to their CV, help other people, make good use of their spare time, take on new challenges, or use their skills and experience in a positive way.

Step into Volunteering

Step into Volunteering is an informal introduction to volunteering which is presented by Volunteering WA volunteers. It is of particular value to those who are volunteering for the first time and those who are seeking different volunteer experiences.

Come along to this free session and learn about:

  • The benefits of volunteering
  • The volunteering opportunities available
  • Identifying the skills that you have to contribute to volunteering
  • Rights and responsibilities of volunteers and volunteer involving agencies
  • How to find the right volunteering position

To book into a session please call us on 9482 4333.

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