There is a huge array of useful volunteering material out there in cyberspace. It's a great way to find and share information and to keep in touch with others in the sector. There is no point in reinventing the wheel (and most of us don't have time to) so we've included a list of our favourite resources below.

Volunteering Posters

Promotional products have been developed by Volunteering WA to help you recognise the contribution of your volunteers and promote the work and activities of your organisation.

PDF: Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3 Poster 4 Poster 5
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Sample Volunteer Manual

Volunteer Policy and Procedures Manual - developed by Volunteering WA please feel free to download and amend for your own organisation.

Skills and training resources

Enhancing Access E-learning Resource - Disability Awareness E-learning Resource: If you would like to learn how to include people with disabilities or those recovering from mental ill health in your volunteer program – this is the resource for you! Find information on disability awareness, recruitment, and workplace access that will help you make your volunteer roster more diverse.

Gen X & Y in volunteering powerpoint - a useful and interesting powerpoint which takes a look at engaging generations X and Y in volunteering. This powerpoint was developed by VWA's Youth Services Manager, Traci Gamblin. Please feel free to view and use it but please do acknowledge VWA as the source. - Check out the latest free skills, training and education resources for volunteers, managers of volunteers, trainers and community organisations on Volunteering Australia's web site. They are all on one page and new resources are added regularly.

WA State and Community Volunteering Strategy

The Department for Communities partnered with Volunteering WA to consult state and local government agencies, businesses and non-government organisations and volunteers on a Volunteering Discussion Paper. Feedback from this was reviewed and used to produce the final strategy. Vital Volunteering 2011-2016 can be found on the Department's website.


Volunteering Australia publications- Volunteering Australia produces a range of publications aimed at supporting the volunteering sector and encouraging discussion and debate on issues affecting volunteering. - Download the 2nd edition of the 'Volunteer Magnet' book. The magnet project is unique in that it harnesses the experience of everyday volunteer managers from around the world and asks them to describe, in just 500 words, those things which make their volunteer projects 'magnetic'.

ABS Voluntary Work Australia 2010 - This publication presents results on voluntary work from the General Social Survey (GSS) conducted throughout Australia from August to November 2010. Voluntary work data was also collected in the GSS in 2006, and in the Voluntary Work surveys in 2000 and 1995. The major aim of this publication is to present rates of participation in voluntary work, characteristics of people who volunteer, and information on the nature of the voluntary work undertaken (number and types of organisations worked for, frequency of voluntary work, and whether the volunteer was able to be reimbursed for volunteering-related expenses).

ABS Voluntary Work Australia 2010 summary - a summary of the key findings from the 2010 publication.

State of the World’s Volunteerism Report 2011 - The focus of this report is on the universal values that motivate people the world over to volunteer for the common good and on the impact of volunteer action on societies and individuals.


economic value of volunteering

The current rate used by Volunteering WA and The Department of Local Government and Communities is $32.53.

This figure is in line with the projected figure given in the last WA based report . The Economic Value of Volunteering in Western Australia was commissioned by The Department for Communiites in 2009 and produced by Professor Duncan Ironmonger (see page 34).

Boards/Committees of Management

Boards, Committees & Governance Centre - the place where community groups and Board Members can build a better Board; be a better Board Member; and find a Board position - a program dedicated to improving the performance of non-profit boards and committees.


Inc. - Consumer Protection has a website and governance guide for incorporated associations.

Work, Health & Safety

Safe Work Australia has now published a series of Fact Sheets regarding volunteers, volunteer officers and volunteer organisations and the application of the model Work Health and Safety legislation. This guidance material can be found at the following link:

Resource kit

Fact Sheets


The following is a list of insurance companies that provide information and insurance cover for community and not for profit groups. Please note Volunteering WA does not promote the use of one company over another, this list is simply a guide of those we know about that have provided good service to ourselves or our member organisations. Click the link below to download.

**This list is currently being updated and will be back shortly**

national police checks

Finding the Balance: Community Protection vs Individual Rights - This document has been produced by the Department for Communities and looks at the appropriate use of criminal history information in relation to volunteering.

General information on the National Police Check for Volunteers Program can be found on the Department for Communities website.

Volunteering on a visa

As there are so many different types of visa we strongly recommend you check a person's eligibility to volunteer directly with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's online verification services - VEVO. VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) is available to organisations and individuals.

Find out more about VEVO.